Alan Gamble Photography

About Me

Hi there,

I'm Alan Gamble and here’s a short story about myself and how I ended up at this point, writing an "about me" section for my recently launched photography site.

Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years, starting out as fairly basic shots and growing in an effort to capture my experiences while travelling and working on my bucket list. From the hustle and bustle of major cities like Tokyo and Las Vegas, through to remote adventures climbing erupting volcanoes or chasing tornadoes, I was forced to develop and grow my skills to capture such diverse and dynamic situations.

After many years of focusing on landscapes and weather photography I was chasing a new challenge, so I decided to give portraits and event photography a shot. I grabbed a couple of new lenses, a new flash and some other little accessories, and started to ask around on social media to see if there was any interest.

Fast forward several months, a number of shoots and lots of positive feedback, and I had a stack of photos in my portfolio. So, I decided to build up a website to display them and see where this hobby might lead.